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Boracki krs

A unique natural phenomenon.


Gruza Lake

The Sumadian Sea

Kamenac Monastery

It has kept the tradition for six centuries.

Church in the village of Borac

An open-air museum of rich Serbian history.

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Gruza is the most beautiful part of Sumadija

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National tradition

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About Municipality of Knic

Knić municipality is territorially part of the Gruza area, the most picturesque part of Šumadija. It has a total of 36 villages and covers an area of 413km. By road and rail it is well connected with all parts of Serbia. In the central part of the municipality is formed Gruzana Lake where there are very good conditions for water sports (boating and kayaking) and fishing.


There is convincing evidence that the Municipality of Knic (Gruza) was inhabited as early as the Stone Age. This is evidenced by excavations of a large settlement in the Grivac field near the Gruza River, as well as of many stone tools found in all parts of Knic.


Gruza is located in the southwestern part of Sumadija (high Sumadija). At the same time, its extreme southern part belongs to the Western Pomerania. The location of Gruza at the Sumadija-Western Pomoravlje junction greatly influenced its climatic characteristics.