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Municipality of Knić - a beautiful part of Serbia that you must visit!

A place full of history and natural beauty!

The municipality of Knić territorially belongs to the area of Gruza, the most picturesque part of Sumadija.

It consists of a total of 36 villages and covers an area of 413 km2.

Geographical position

The municipality of Knić covers about 440 ° north latitude and 210 ° east longitude, at 413 km². It covers 36 villages and is limited to municipalities: Kragujevac in the northeast, Gornji Milanovac in the northwest, Cacak in the west and Kraljevo in the south. Geographically, the municipality of Knić has a central position in the southern part of Šumadija, at the crossing of the high Šumadija mountains, along the valley of the river Gruža, towards the west Moravian plain. The basic road network of the municipality is included in the road network of the region of Šumadija and Pomoravlje. The southern part of the municipality is well connected by traffic from the northern part - via highways and railways, with industrial centers: Cacak, Kragujevac and Kraljevo. The northern part of the municipality is included in the wider traffic systems of the country through the regional road network through Kragujevac and Gornji Milanovac. The most important natural potential of the municipality of Knić is agricultural land which covers 2/3 of the territory of the municipality and covers 27,127 ha, of which 99.8% belongs to the individual sector, so agriculture has a very important role in the overall development of the economy. Agriculture is the leading branch both in terms of production volume and active employment (61.6% of the population is engaged in agricultural production).


Gruza is located in the southwestern part of Sumadija (high Sumadija). At the same time, its extreme southern part belongs to Western Pomoravlje. The position of Gruža at the contact of Sumadija and West Pomoravlje, largely conditioned its climatic characteristics. Gruza belongs to the zone of temperate-continental climate. Gruza is characterized by significant microclimatic differences, conditioned by the morphology of the terrain and the height difference between the lowest and the highest part of the studied territory. The continental climate prevails in the valley. The temperate continental climate prevails in the peripheral mountain belt, above 600 m above sea level. The climatic characteristics of Gruza largely determine the scope, structure and quality of plant production.


The territory of the municipality of Knic includes 36 villages. According to the 2011 census report, there were 14.237 inhabitants. The natural increase is -13.4 ‰, and the number of employees in the municipality is 1475 people. There are 26 primary and 1 secondary schools in the municipality.

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Општина Кнић територијално припада подручју Груже, најживописнијем делу Шумадије. У свом саставу има укупно 36 села и заузима површину од 413km2.

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